Legal Services in Palm Springs, CA

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Law Office of Michael Zitomer has over 40 years of experience serving clients in a variety of legal areas. We strive to ensure that we provide the best legal services possible for each client. We'll help put you at ease and take the time to understand the specific needs for your situation.

Law Firm You Can Trust to Represent you

It's important that your legal rights are protected. We'll provide you with personalized legal representation for your needs. We will represent clients who have been injured, need a contract litigated, need criminal defense representation and more. Our experienced attorneys provide services in the following areas:

Contract Litigation

Ensure that your contract is being respected and that all parties are holding up to their expectations. Our attorneys will assist you if an issue arises in your contract.

Tort Litigation

Have you been injured and it wasn't your fault? Work with an attorney who will put your best interest at the forefront. Whether you need a settlement negotiated or a claim, our attorneys are here for you.

General Business Litigation

Owning a business has many legal issues that can come into play. Ensure that you are informed and have representation for all matters of your business.

Estate Planning, Trusts & Wills

Ensure that your final wishes are met for your estate. Our attorneys will assist you with finalizing your probate matters.

Mediation & Arbitration Services (as a neutral or an advocate)

Refrain from a hostile environment or situation with the assistance of a mediator. We will come up with a strategy to satisfy both parties.

Criminal Defense

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need an attorney that you can trust. Our attorneys can schedule a bail bond hearing for you and we will also appear with you in court to represent you during your trial.

Real Estate Litigation

Whether you have concerns for your apartment building, housing development, office building or retail center, our attorneys will take care of your real estate litigation needs.
Give our law office a call at 760-320-6443 to discuss our areas of practice in detail or to schedule a consultation with us.